NHL Rumors: Many Panthers Players Partying At Strip Club Until 3 A.M.

The Florida Panthers are on the verge of elimination by their interstate rivals, down 3-0 in their second-round series. But a "very trusted source" says that several Panthers players were out partying at a strip club until nearly 3:00 AM on a night in the middle of a gruelling back-to-back.

Aaron Jacobson and Pat Donvan described on their Pat And Aaron Show how, after another blowout 5-1 loss, "according to a very trusted source, this happened: A lot off the Panthers team were partying late into the night last night.  And found themselves at a local establishment (strip club).. (until at least 2:45am). I don't think, if I was getting my butt kicked in a huge playoff series... And the day of getting my butt kick...with a gruelling back-to-back... I don't think I could pull that off."

3-0 comebacks are very rare occurrences, but if this story checks out, perhaps the Panthers felt like they needed to try something a little different to inject some excitement into the troops. At this point, being outscored 11-3 through three games, maybe anything is worth trying. 

Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports