Kaprizov is a Wanted Man in Russia


Here we go again...

According to various reports, Minnesota Wild forward Kirill Kaprizov is now a wanted man in Russia.

It appears Kaprizov is running into the same issue that goaltender Ivan Fedotov, who was detained and sent to a Russian military base earlier this week, did. The Wild superstar is reportedly linked to fraudulent military ID's being sold to players, including Fedotov. Kaprizov apparently immediately returned to the United States after hearing about the arrest of the Russian goaltender. 

Kaprizov was in Russia, resting, having just underwent a succesful operation before hearing the news, forcing him to flee the country. 

The twenty-five-year-old is signed to a five-year/$45 million deal with the Minnesota Wild, and it remains to be seen how his NHL future will play out following this news. 

Kaprizov and Fedotov are just two names of a probably long list of Russian players who have done the same thing. 

It will be interesting to see how this story develops in the coming days.

Photo Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports