NHL Rumors: Crosby Active in Malkin Extension Talks

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby wants Evgeni Malkin re-signed, end of story. Reports have Crosby recently flying to Florida to reach out to Malkin and show support. And likely to hang out with one his best friends, however the well-timed visit was the first sign of the Penguins captain getting involved and now those talks have escalated.

Along with Crosby getting involved and perhaps giving his two cents to management about the situation, there's been some back and forth from Malkin's camp and Penguins president of hockey operations Brian Burke. Malkin's camp saying four years was never offered, meanwhile Burke  is trying quickly to shut down those reports.

Brian Burke Responds 

We were unable to reach a deal. We made an offer that we were comfortable with. There are stories out there that we never offered a four-year deal. That’s completely false. But as far as the mechanics and the amounts, we never talk about that stuff.

The window is still open. But the timing is problematic. Once free agency opens, we have to commit to what we need to do to improve our hockey club. So the timing may not work. But certainly, there’s no reaction on our part that, ‘Oh, we don’t want Evgeni back.’ Or, ‘This is horrible. What’s he thinking?’ None of that. It’s more, that store window is going to open and we’ve got to go to the store.

Now we all wait to see how the next 24 hours is going to play out. Interesting times to say the least in Pittsburgh as a Penguins era hangs in the balance. 

Photo credit: © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports