Who Should Wear The 'C' For The Anaheim Ducks in 2022?

Ryan Getzlaf serves as the captain of the Anaheim ducks from 2008-2021/22, as the only remaining member of their 2007 Championship team, and with a talented youth infusion and rebuild on the way, his retirement may have been very well timed. There's some veterans on this team that would make great captains, while some believe that embracing the youth movement means a captain that will grow with this young squad, but either way, this decision will be crucial to the future of the Anaheim Ducks. 

The obvious choice here would be either Cam Fowler or Adam Henrique, either of whom would be good replacements for Getzlaf, who could lead the kids like Trevor Zegras and Mason MacTavish around the ice. Fowler has played in 811 games with the Ducks, registering 366 points over that span, and while he's not an All-Star level Defenceman, he's been a leader on this team for almost as long as Getzlaf was captain. Henrique on the other hand joined the Ducks in 2017, where he's been a serviceable part of the centre depth ever since, and after wearing the 'A' in New Jersey for 4 seasons, he's proven that he's got great leadership abilities.

On the other hand, part of embracing the youth movement would be appointing a young captain that can grow with the team, and if that is the way forward for the Ducks, the best candidate is young winger Troy Terry. Terry may just be 24-years of age, but has already shown in his 204 games with the Ducks that he's a capable leader, a fantastic player and is only getting better, and with more prospects on the way, on top of Zegras and MacTavish, he would be a great person to lead the team forward, as he may be with this franchise for the next decade or more, akin to Getzlaf. 

Ultimately, none of these choices are bad, and it all comes down to what Anaheim wants from a captain, whether it's youth and energy or a solid veteran who's been around the team for a while, so whenever Anaheim do announce a replacement for Ryan Getzlaf, the most likely scenario is either Troy Terry, or Cam Fowler. 

Photo Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports