Washington Capitals Place 4 Players on Waivers

The Washington Capitals have made some cuts from their training camp roster, as Michael Sgarbossa, Mike Vecchione, Riley Sutter, and Hunter Shepard have all been placed on waivers. 

Out of the bunch, Sgarbossa comes with the most NHL experience, as he has 67 career games on his resume. He appeared in 10 games for the Capitals this past season, where he had two goals and two assists. Teams looking for a bit of depth could be open to the prospect of claiming him.

As for Vecchione, Riley, and Shepard, they were expected to hit the waiver wire. Vecchione is the only one with NHL experience out of the trio and appeared in a game for Washington last season. It is more likely than not that they each will be heading to Hershey from here.

Photo Credit: © James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports