Blues GM Comments on Future of Head Coach

The St Louis Blues are off to a brutal start to the 2022-23 season. The team has lost five straight and while some are calling for a coaching change, it doesn't sound like that's yet to cross general manager Doug Armstrong's mind. 

Armstrong met up with Lou Korac of and had this to say about the future of Craig Berube:

I believe in the coach, I believe in the system. This isn't a system issue, it's a competitive issue. We have to rectify that. I told the players the coach is not going anywhere because the coach came from the American Hockey League where he coached young players and made them better and he coached veteran players and made them win here. So he can do both. We're in the bottom quartile of anything that matters in the NHL right now and that's the best we are, is in the bottom quartile. We're in the bottom 10 percent in quite a few areas too. You look at goals-for, goals-against average, we're in the bottom. You look at goal differential, we're in the bottom. Our special teams are not special and so we need to make sure this is ground zero and start making our way up. And what I said to the players, we may or may not win on Thursday. Obviously we're in the winning business, but what we need to see is a competitive level higher than what we have now.

Armstrong went on to mention he believes in the players, a group he's constructed himself and don't expect any major moves out of St Louis just yet.

Photo credit:  Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports