Johnny Gaudreau Responds to Being Booed by Islanders Fans

Columbus Blue Jackets star Johnny Gaudreau was met with boos during Saturday night's contest (Nov. 12) by New York Islanders fans for not signing with them. Turns out, they were booing the wrong guy. In response to the boos, Gaudreau noted that he did not "get it" and that he did not speak with the Islanders at all throughout free agency. 

Although many notable NHL insiders linked Gaudreau to the Islanders during free agency, it's now clear that they were not even a part of the sweepstakes for his services. This is actually pretty surprising, as the Islanders absolutely need to get a scoring winger, and GM Lou Lamoriello still has yet to at the time of this writing. 

Alas, Gaudreau may have been a fit for the Islanders in theory, but their great start to the season (11-6-0) makes up for it. Still, now that Gaudreau has made it known that the Islanders did not even contact him this offseason, will he be met with boos yet again by their faithful? We shall see. 

Photo Credit: © Gaelen Morse-USA TODAY Sports