Maple Leafs' Matthews Getting Roasted for Not Fighting Flyers Konecny

Should superstar players have to fight? That appears to be the million-dollar question today as Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews is taking a ton of heat online for not engaging during a scrum with the Philadelphia Flyers.

NHL Alum/Analyst Michael Rupp didn't hold back today as he called out Matthews for standing around laughing while his teammates stuck up for him. Flyers forward Travis Konecny wanted to fight late in the game on Wednesday, however besides a couple of pushes and slashes, Matthews wanted no part of the fight and laughed in Konecny's face.

Worth noting the Maple Leafs star had wrist surgery last season and certainly has no need to be fighting in a 5-2 game, game 11 of the regular season. Regardless, Matthews got roasted online on Thursday, take a look:

Photo credit:  Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports