NHL Rumors: Blackhawks Kane Trade Linked to Stanley Cup Contender

The Chicago Blackhawks and Patrick Kane are expected to open up the conversation we've all been waiting for in the coming weeks. Management and Kane are likely going to sit down together before the Christmas break to discuss trade options moving forward.

Kane holds a full no-movement clause and is in full control of his own destiny. While he's already been linked to the New York Rangers and LA Kings for quite some time now, recently there's been a ton of talk about how the Boston Bruins are going all in this season and will be making several moves closer to the deadline to load up for a Stanley Cup Playoff run. Adding Kane could be on the Bruins agenda.

Kane's salary is an issue for any team as nobody has room to add $10.5 million to their roster. The Bruins would have to load up their offer with picks and prospects and also move out a contract. Mike Reilly and Craig Smith are prime candidates to be included. 

The Blackhawks don't have a ton of leverage here as Kane is in full control on the destination. GM Kyle Davidson will then need to work with the other team to try and maximize the return so don't be surprised if the trade package isn't as significant as expected. Kane to the Bruins? Sounds like some feel it's a real possibility...

Photo credit:  Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports