Wild Coach Calls Out Maple Leafs Goalie

Minnesota Wild head coach Dean Evason was not happy with Matt Murray's antics on Friday night. The Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender knocked the net off on three different occasions, and a couple of times it killed the momentum the Wild had been building on that shift.

Evason spoke to the media after his team's 4-3 loss and had this to say about the Maple Leafs netminder:

You can't knock the net off three times and not get anything out of it. It doesn't make any sense. We have offensive time in there, sustained time, we could get more opportunities, and all of a sudden, boom, it's stalled out, the momentum's gone and whatever. I don't understand it. It's hard to ask (the refs), you don't want to yell at the refs all the time, but it didn't make any sense how a goaltender could knock it off three times and there's no repercussion. (Wild goalie coach) Freddy Chabot said it's a trend with that goaltender.

Murray spoke about what went on after the game:

I don't know what was going on there. I use the net to push off all the time and, for whatever reason, tonight it just came off a little bit easier.

You be the judge, accident or accidently on purpose?

Photo credit: © Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports