Insider Suggests Karlsson Isn't The Most Likely Sharks Player To Be Traded

The San Jose Sharks are without a doubt selling before the trade deadline this season and have a few big pieces they want to move. Timor Meier is a restricted free agent after this season and it just doesn't make sense to re-sign him when the team is trying to lose and get draft picks.

Erik Karlsson has also been heavily involved in rumours since he's had an incredible start to the season, but Frank Seravalli mentioned that for all of the buzz Karlsson has generated, Meier is the way more likely Shark player to be on the move. This is due to a few factors.

The first is what I mentioned above having to do with the new contract and Meier in his prime lining up with where the team is at. They already have Tomas Hertl locked up long-term and are going to be bad for a good four or more years.

Meier has a much more friendly contract than Karlsson and way less risk involved with acquiring him. Karlsson has struggled with injuries later in his career which has derailed his seasons. He's healthy and producing again now, but who knows how long that will last. Karlsson still has four years remaining on his $11.5 million AAV deal. Though any team acquiring him won't be paying all of that salary, it is still a big and risky investment.

As for Meier, he has a cap hit of $6 million with team control after the season. Whether he would want to re-sign with the team that acquires him or not, that team won't lose him for no assets and gain something at the very least.

It may take a team until at least next offseason to acquire Karlsson, but it makes a lot of sense for the Sharks to trade Meier now and for many teams to have interest.

Photo credit: © Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports