Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Calls Out Team Despite Win

Here's something you don't see every day, the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Anaheim Ducks 5-2 and their head coach Rick Bowness voiced some serious displeasure after the game.

Bowness was not happy with how things started for the Jets on Sunday and knows his team won't be able to pull off these kinds of comebacks against a tougher opponent. The Jets coach had this to say after the game:

It's just not right to start a game like that. Listen, I'm the head coach, so I'm responsible for the way we start and getting our team prepared, so that starts with me. The second thing is: I'm not a babysitter, these guys are men, they're professionals, and they're paid to show up ready to go to work. My job is to make that happen. The third thing on that would be: You cannot play this game without passion, without emotion. You cannot play this game on your (heels) and I hate when we're on our (heels). So we had a bad game on Friday and everyone's saying all the right things yesterday, but words mean nothing to me. They mean nothing. All I want to see is action. I just want to see passion and emotion in the way we play. Right or wrong ... we'll figure the rest out.

The Jets gave up the first two goals against the Ducks and managed to score five unanswered. The team sits with an impressive 15-7-1 record on the season, however they are a terrible first period team, getting outscored to this point 22-15. Look for the Jets to focus on better starts moving forward or we can expect some more quotes from their coaching staff.

Photo credit: © James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports