Nashville Predators' Matt Duchene Discusses Playing Future

Nashville Predators forward Matt Duchene is currently 32 years old and in his 14th NHL season. It is clear that he is a grizzled veteran at this juncture, but even with this being the case, we may not see him retire for quite some time. While speaking with Christine Simpson, the veteran forward noted that he hopes to remain in the NHL until he is 40. 

With the NHL being a young man's league, we haven't seen as many players reach their age-40 seasons as we used to. However, when noting that Duchene is still a very skillful player, he certainly could be the kind of veteran that lasts for a long time. After all, in 42 games this season, he has 11 goals to go along with 33 points. Needless to say, he is still a top-six caliber forward at this juncture.

Nevertheless, it will be fun to see if Duchene ends up hitting his goal of being in the NHL at 40 years old. 

photo credit: © Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports