NHL Rumors: 3 Teams Willing To Take On Cap For Assets At Deadline

It has become more common that teams sitting at the bottom of the standings with cap space available make it known that they are willing to take on cap in exchange for assets each season. The Montreal Canadiens did so with Sean Monahan which fetched them a first round pick. But Frank Seravalli mentions three teams this season who are willing to do the same before the 2023 trade deadline - Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, and Anaheim Ducks.

It comes as no surprise for the Coyotes as they've been doing this strategy for a number of years now. It is paying off considering they've built up a very strong prospect pool of young players who are ready or just about ready to make an impact in the NHL. They once again have more than enough cap space to take on some contracts as well as assets in order to accommodate other teams.

Many knew what the season was going to look like for the Ducks, except the expectation was for them to be a bit more competitive. They sit 30th in the NHL, have players to trade and lots of cap space to take on bad contracts. It is going to be a big trade deadline for the Ducks who can accelerate the rebuild.

The Blackhawks are very clearly in full rebuild mode and will be trading away players before the deadline. This will allow them to bring in even more bad contracts if teams are willing to make a deal with them. They have a number of years before there is hope to pull out of a rebuild.

Photo credit: © Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports