NHL Rumors: Insider Links Toews to Winnipeg Jets

While on the Jeff Marek show, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reported that the Winnipeg Jets could be a team willing to reach to pay the Chicago Blackhawks’ asking price of a second-round pick and third-round pick to acquire Jonathan Toews. 

Toews is one of the Blackhawks’ notable trade targets heading into the deadline, as he has a pending unrestricted free agent and has made it known that he is not happy with Chicago’s rebuild. With Toews having a full no-movement clause, he has complete control over where he will be moved if he's open to a change of scenery. With Toews being a Winnipeg native, there absolutely could be a match here.

Toews wants to compete for the Stanley Cup, and the Jets are looking like legitimate contenders at this point of the season, so it seems possible that he would be willing to go home and play for them. Time will tell if this does in fact true, but when an insider like Friedman brings it up as a possibility, we should pay attention to it. Alas let’s see if Toews becomes a Jet before the end of the season.

photo credit: © James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports