Insider Gives 3 Most Notable Teams To Watch In van Riemsdyk Sweepstakes

It's clear that James van Riemsdyk will be traded by the 2023 deadline, but to which contender remains a mystery. There have been some teams who have shown more interest than others and Jeff Marek linked three in particular to the Philadelphia Flyers' winger.

There are three teams the insider said are notably taking a look at van Riemsdyk are the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild, and Vegas Golden Knights.

The Jets' bottom-six needs a big improvement and van Riemsdyk could be the perfect fit for their third line with the ability to move up into the top-six if there is an injury or the lineup needs altering. He is a consistent mid-20 goals scorer and someone like Adam Lowry can help on the defensive side of things on that line. The Flyers' winger can also help out on a middle of the pack power play.

The Wild need a center more than a winger, but for the right price, would take a winger to help with scoring either way. After the first line, scoring is fairly hard to come by. The Wild don't have a ton of cap space to work with and there's no question they are looking for a rental due to cap constraints the next couple of seasons.

The Golden Knights have seemingly lost Mark Stone for the remainder of the regular season, opening up a ton of cap space. Vegas could really use the scoring help and for van Riemsdyk to be there if any more injuries occur. The left wing is in need of a major upgrade as Paul Cotter has been lining up on the top line and William Carrier on the third line.

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