Patrick Kane Unhappy About Rangers Acquiring Tarasenko

Patrick Kane's uncertainty surrounding his future this season appears to have cost him as he isn't very happy about the New York Rangers going ahead and acquiring Vladimir Tarasenko. The Rangers made this move to address their needs well before the trade deadline to get an advantage on the rest of their competition. It was already released that Kane was going to give teams 7-10+ days of notice before the trade deadline as to if he wants to be dealt and to which teams.

Though Kane was likely one of the Rangers' top two choices to add this season, they wanted to get ahead of the trade deadline rush and were able to fill both holes by also acquiring Niko Mikkola in the same deal.

Kane spoke about the trade the Rangers made saying, "It's not like the happiest I've been to hear about a trade. I think the Rangers are a team that you definitely pay attention to and definitely are intrigued by, for obvious reasons." Kane also added, " If things were going to happen, that was a team I was definitely looking at. It seems like they kind of filled their void and went ahead and made a deal, so it is what it is."

Seeing how Artemi Panarin started his career with the Chicago Blackhawks and immediately found amazing chemistry with Kane, this was a reunion he and likely Panarin wanted. Either way, Panarin is happy with the Rangers getting his long-time friend Tarasenko from the St. Louis Blues. This also means that Kane will have to decide on another destination if he chooses to be moved this season. The Dallas Stars are emerging as the next best option.

Photo credit: © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports