Canucks Rumors: Interest In Golden Knights Forward In Offseason

The Vancouver Canucks have undergone a number of changes this season as they try to set the stage for 2023-24 with a healthier, younger, and more effective group. They still have lots of work to do on defence regarding the number of players they have, but they also need to address their depth and could be looking at moving out another one of their top-six wingers.

There is a report from Rick Dhaliwal that the Canucks are going to be interested in acquiring Ivan Barbashev. This may come in two different forms. It obviously made sense for the Canucks to wait until after the season to potentially pursue the former St. Louis Blues' forward as he will cost little to nothing to acquire.

For the Canucks to get Barbashev, the first option is to hope the Vegas Golden Knights don't have the intention of re-signing him and are willing to move him before free agency to the Canucks for their right to negotiate a contract. This will cost the Canucks a fifth to seventh round pick. If that happens, they must be fairly certain they can get a deal done with Barbashev before free agency.

The other option is to wait until free agency and make the biggest swing for the physical forward with scoring ability in his prime. Barbashev is unlikely going to get a seven or eight year deal, but a four to five year deal seems very reasonable and likely. I think the Canucks would be looking at around $4-5 million on that contract, so it may cost them Conor Garland or Brock Boeser to free up a spot and cap.

Photo credit: © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports