Los Angeles Kings Rumors: 3 Offseason Trade Candidates

Welcome to NHL Trade Rumors' Offseason Trade Candidates series. During it, we will be looking at three players from each team who could be moved during the summer. 

In this latest piece, we will be focusing on the Los Angeles Kings. 

Sean Walker: The Kings were pushing hard to trade Sean Walker this offseason, but they were unable to strike a deal centering around him. Yet, with teams having more cap space this offseason, there could be a few clubs willing to take a chance on the right-shot defenseman. 

Matt Roy: Speaking of right-shot defenseman, Matt Roy was also discussed in the rumor mill leading up to the deadline. Between him and Walker, he possesses more trade value and would be easier to move. Thus, there’s a real chance that we see Roy dealt due to the Kings’ strong right side. 

Cal Petersen: Cal Petersen was expected to be the Kings’ long-term starting goalie when they inked him to his expensive contract. Yet, due to a disastrous season with the Kings, he has been in the AHL for months, and a call-up does not seem too likely. As a result, look for the Kings to try to move him with multiple assets so they can free up some much-needed cap space. 

photo credit: © John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports