Mikael Backlund's Previous Trade Request Could Impact Future With Flames

After the 2021-22 season, it is believed that Mikael Backlund had requested a trade from the Calgary Flames and then rescinded it. This information was revealed by Ryan Leslie on The Big Show on 960 and could play a part in what has recently come up in the season ending interviews.

Backlund was asked if he was open to signing an extension with the Flames, to which he responded that he will wait and see what the organization does this offseason. This could mean a few different things and also mean the Flames could lose one of the best and most reliable third line centers in the game.

There were multiple public instances of Darryl Sutter, the head coach of the Flames, disrespecting players. Not only that, he is a hard coach to play for and is wildly different from the average coach you will see. He may have coached the team to a 50-win season in 2021-22, but that wasn't the case this season. Someone with the class of Backlund likely didn't enjoy the way Sutter treated some of the players. I wouldn't doubt the veteran is waiting to see what happens with the coaching and management situation.

The other three things he could be waiting for is if the Flames can add a top-six player to help with scoring, getting a better idea of if some of the other key players whose contracts are up in 2024 are also sticking around, and if the Flames can add some better depth.

I don't expect Backlund to take as much on his next deal, but he also just had a career year in points (56) and outright said that a Stanley Cup is his main goal. A decision could be coming sooner than later, but we will have to wait and see how the Flames' offseason plays out.

Photo credit: © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports