Seattle Kraken's Best Trade Of The Past Year

The Seattle Kraken have not been busy over the past year, making only three trades. One of them came at the deadline, but that is completely forgettable. The trade that is by far the best that the Kraken have made of the past year is acquiring Oliver Bjorkstrand from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This trade to bring in the top-six winger only cost the Kraken a third and fourth round pick. Bjorkstrand may be a little overpaid this season by the way he has produced offensively, but the nature of Seattle is winning by committee. None of their players have run away with points, whereas the Blue Jackets were top-heavy last season with only a few players really producing, Bjorkstrand being one of them.

Bjorkstrand has three years left at $5.4 million AAV which is manageable, and he has 19 goals and 42 points. One thing is for certain, he will provide goals as he's done this season. It appeared as though the Blue Jackets were desperate to move money out and made a rash decision so they could stay cap compliant. Even with the cap hit of $5.4 million, goal-scoring isn't especially easy to come by and it cost the Kraken a couple of mid-round picks to get them some more.

Photo credit: © Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports