San Jose Sharks' Best Trade Of The Past Year

While the San Jose Sharks have made some trades they would like to forget, they have also gotten some good value from one in particular. It was the trade that they couldn't afford to miss on, moving Timo Meier.

The trade to move Meier involved nine players and four draft picks in total. The Sharks moved Meier, Scott Harrington, Zacharie Emond, Santeri Hatakka, Timur Ibragimov and a fifth round pick and got Andreas Johnsson, Fabian Zetterlund, Nikita Okhotiuk, Shakir Mukhamadullin, a first, second, and seventh round pick. The second round pick coming back to the Sharks has the potential to get upgraded to a first round pick in 2024 if the Devils make it to the Eastern Conference Final in either this season or next.

Since there weren't really any other good trades to note, that's the first reason why this was the best trade of the past year for the Sharks. But the other reasons are because of where San Jose is in their rebuilding stage and the great return they got.

They got the value of nearly fourth first round picks whose timetables line up with the Sharks and only had to take on one bad contract. Johnsson's contract is also up at the end of the season and then they won't have to worry about that. In terms of the timetable of Meier and the Sharks, he is looking to sign an eight-year deal at a high AAV and the Sharks are just heading into a full rebuild while trading what they can. If they would have kept him around it would have slowed the rebuild significantly.

Photo credit: © Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports