Watch: Winnipeg Jets' Morgan Barron Laughs Off 75-Stitch Gash In His Face

Yes, we know hockey players are tough. On Thursday afternoon, the Winnipeg Jets showed how much by posting a picture of a smiling Morgan Barron, 75 stitches and all. And then Barron himself laughed off his misfortune.

The tweet of the horrible-looking gash and the grinning Barron was captioned "'Tis but a scratch." The wound runs all the way from the top of his forehead down below his right eye. 

Barron laughed and told reporters, “You know some guys have told me it looks better than expected and some guys look at me like I’m a science project so I’ve kind of gotten both ends of the spectrum. I think it feels better than it looks.” 

"They did a great job stitching me up," said Barron of the massive wound he suffered during a scramble in front of the Vegas net. "I texted my girlfriend and my parents before I got stitched up just to make sure they knew I was okay."

Head coach Rick Bowness said he was suitably impressed with the way Barron gutted it out to actually come back and play after the frightening injury.  

“You talk about all in. That’s all in!" said the head coach. 

The Jets are up 1-0 in the series, which continues in Las Vegas tonight, with Barron ready to go, quite likely wearing the full cage that he wore after being stitched up in Game One.