Video: Golden Knights' Alex Pietrangelo Kicked Out of Game 4

Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Alex Pietrangelo was ejected from Game 4 after a vicious slash to Edmonton Oilers star Leon Draisaitl. The incident occurred in the dying seconds of Wednesday night's game and now Pietrangelo is likely heading for a suspension in Game 5.

Draisaitl was attempting to score on the empty net when Pietrangelo skated over and went completely out of character as intent to injure is normally not something you associate with the Vegas blueliner.

The Oilers were pissed and rightfully so, Connor McDavid had this to say after the game:

You'd like to see it reviewed for sure. I would like to see it suspended. It's as intent to injure as you can get. Time, score, clock all play a factor. He comes over his own head and places it just under Leon's chin. You'd like to see something like that suspended. That's not a hockey play.

Suspension Coming?

Photo Credit:  Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports