Jets Rumors: Blake Wheeler Linked To Eastern Conference Team If Bought Out

The Winnipeg Jets are reportedly considering a buyout of their captain, Blake Wheeler, in order to free up salary cap space and make changes to their roster.

Wheeler has continued to provide offensive help and showcase his leadership qualities, however, concerns over his hefty contract and the team's performance have led to speculation about his future with the Jets.

With a salary of $8.25 million in 2023-24, Wheeler comes at a high price, but he still holds value at $4.12 million, if the Jets eat half, in the eyes of several teams, with the New York Rangers emerging as potential suitors.

The Rangers, known for their willingness to invest in experienced players, could see Wheeler as an attractive addition to their roster, if bought out by the Jets.

His consistent point production, size, and physical presence make him a valuable asset, especially for teams in need of a top-six forward.

While Wheeler's recent resurgence on the ice, tallying a solid 55 points in 72 games, may attract interest from other teams, the Jets' management could be considering a buyout as a way to address their salary cap concerns and revamp their roster.

The year before, the 36-year-old scored an impressive 17 goals and 60 points over 65 games played.

A buyout would allow the Jets to shed Wheeler's contract and potentially acquire promising young assets in return.

Ultimately, the decision to trade or buy out Wheeler, who's been with the team for 12 seasons, rests with the Jets' management, who must weigh his contributions on the ice, his leadership qualities, and the financial implications. Photo Credit: Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports