3 Long-Term Offseason Signings That Won't Make It To Completion

When looking at free agent signings, there are generally a number of overpayments, sometimes due to a lack of talent in that position that offseason or because teams are trying to outbid one another for a player that will be a positive impact for the first half of the contract. There were some big contracts given out, and with that will come deals that look bad near the end, causing a buyout or cap dump.

Pierre Engvall

Lou Lamoriello got to work on July 1 and signed middle-six winger Pierre Engvall to a seven year deal at a lower AAV. While this gives the player security, middle tier players are more volatile and could drop off much easier than top-end players. The winger is 27 years old and has seemingly reached his potential. He's good for 15 goals and 30 points now and the contract looks like a win for the time being, but who knows what direction and talent comes through the ranks in the coming years and pushes him down the lineup. He will be 34 by the end of his deal and the league is getting younger.

Damon Severson

The Columbus Blue Jackets made some serious moves this offseason in acquiring defensive help. Not only has this created a logjam, they have lots of young talent. With Damon Severson's new eight-year contract at $6.25 million AAV, that could become a serious problem down the line for someone that needs top-four minutes/power-play time to really succeed and be worth the investment. He'll turn 29 before the season gets underway, pushing the end of this contract to his late 30s. The Blue Jackets are expected to be a top team in the league by that time, so with the inevitable drop-off coming as he gets into his 30s, this will be a contract that the Blue Jackets won't see the end of.

Scott Mayfield

The Islanders also locked up Scott Mayfield for seven years on the first day of free agency, keeping their team intact. Unlike Engvall who's 27 years old, Mayfield turns 31 in October and is being paid $3.5 million AAV. Lamoriello is likely just thinking about the short-term implications of the deal as he won't be the general manager throughout those contracts, but a contract ending at 38 years old doesn't usually end well, even for a more defensive d-man.

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