3 Potential Landing Spots For Jonathan Toews If He Continues Playing Career

There is uncertainty surrounding Jonathan Toews and his playing future as it was made clear before July 1 that he would not be signing with a team right away. He's dealt with some health issues later in his career, but is still able to play at a high level, benefiting any team he signs with if it is for very cheap, which is anticipated. There are three Western Conference teams that he would fit perfectly on. Here they are.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have a connection with the Chicago Blackhawks as Duncan Keith came over in a trade a couple of years ago. Playing together for so long, obviously he and Toews were close and the former Blackhawks' captain was told what kind of experience it was to play for a good Canadian team like the Oilers. This is exactly what could bring Toews in to play a bottom-six center role in Edmonton this season as that is the last position the team needs to address. His faceoffs, two-way play, and the ability to still put up points would be a major asset.

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets is Toews' hometown team as he grew up in Winnipeg. Many players like to return home for at least one season to be close to home before retirement and experience that. This is what he could have in mind as it would really help out a Jets team that is struggling to restructure. Cap space isn't necessarily an issue right now, but there are still a few players that need contracts before the season.

Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild are heading into their two toughest seasons in recent memory because they will have nearly $15 million in dead cap on the books. While still a competitive team, they have and will continue to have to find the best value in players if they want to win. Toews can be that player for them as the bottom-six could definitely use some bolstering. He scored 15 goals and 31 points in 53 games last season, better than any of the team's current bottom-six players except Frederik Gaudreau, and he played 82 games.

Photo credit: © David Banks-USA TODAY Sports