NHL Radio Show Reveals Shockingly Bad 2025 Team USA Roster Predictions

Sometimes predictions can be a little wild, and other times people play it safe. This wasn't the case for SiriusXM NHL Network Radio as some of their predictions for the 2025 Team USA were absolutely off the board. Before we get into it, here's a look at the rosters and lines projected by them.

We'll start with what they got right. Goaltenders are fine. Both are elite and there's no need for criticism there. Defense is where things start to get a little off. I think five of the selections are solid, but Jacob Trouba on the top pairing on his off side is just wrong. He plays behind Adam Fox on the New York Rangers, so what makes them think he will all of a sudden do well on his off side on the top pairing against the very best? He likely won't even make the team.

Now the forwards (players and lines) are what really puts the cherry on top of this. They left off Jason Robertson and Clayton Keller for starters and included a will-be 41-year-old Joe Pavelski in the top-six and Chris Kredier on the third line. Kreider had one outlier of a season and we saw him come back down to Earth last season. Pavelski might still be wanting to play in the NHL, but he will naturally decline more.

Robertson is arguably the best player on the Dallas Stars, so leaving him off the list while two others make Team USA is ridiculous. Keller has been very good despite playing on the Arizona Coyotes who have seemingly been rebuilding forever.

Now let's get into the fact that even though it is probably the right move to play Matthew and Brady Tkachuk together on a line because of familiarity, it is definitely not the fourth line. Matthew and Johnny Gaudreau would still have great chemistry, but they need to be in the top-six without a doubt. When releasing a prediction like this, I think it best to have some sort of screening or it looks like they are purposely trying to get any attention they can, and it will be negative attention.

Photo credit: © Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports