Oilers Rumors: Broberg Could Be Used As Trade Chip This Season

The Edmonton Oilers haven't utilized Philip Broberg properly yet, and as they are in win-now mode, they might continue to do the same thing. Last season he averaged just 12:36 of ice time per game and served as mainly the seventh defenseman. He was drafted eighth overall in 2019, and although some people might be hoping for him to be a solidified top-four defenseman already, he hasn't been given the chance and players develop at different speeds.

Allan Mitchell of The Athletic wonders if Broberg could be used as a trade asset for the Oilers this season due to his role and value. He is an all-around defenseman, but the points haven't necessarily come at the NHL level yet. Plus he has been forced to take a backseat to Vincent Desharnais who was a first year NHLer at age 26 and has his flaws.

Broberg has shown strong stuff when he has been given a chance and he is now at the age where the Oilers must see more positives and a larger improvement this season. He is still able to be sent down without passing through waivers and for being drafted as high as he was, the 22-year-old needs to take hold of the sixth defensive spot ahead of Desharnais at the very least.

His natural side is the left side, meaning he would be fourth on the depth chart in that position. But he has been playing on the other side, so if the Oilers are going to keep him around and find a useful spot for him in the lineup, it is going to be on the right side in the short-term. If he is used as a trade chip, the Oilers would need to be getting someone very useful in return on a cheap multi-year deal.

Photo credit: © Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports