Rangers Artemi Panarin Finds Himself In Legal Issues Yet Again

In recent developments, New York Rangers' star player Artemi Panarin has come under scrutiny for an incident that allegedly occurred during the current offseason.

According to translated reports from the Novgorod Gazette, Panarin is accused of discharging a firearm in a public setting in July of this year, potentially endangering the lives of citizens.

The Borovichi District Court has acknowledged mitigating factors, including Panarin's guilty plea and absence of prior offenses, resulting in a guilty verdict for an administrative offense linked to the incident.

A fine of 40,000 rubles was imposed, accompanied by the confiscation of the firearm.

The charges, however, might not disrupt Panarin's participation in the upcoming 2023-2024 NHL season.

Panarin reportedly paid the fine and is anticipated to rejoin the Rangers before the pre-season. Notably, no civilians were harmed during the incident, and there were no arrests made.

Panarin's past encounters with allegations, including the 2021 assault accusation, have fueled speculation about potential motivations, particularly in light of his outspoken views on Russian politics.

As this situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see the implications, if any, for Panarin's reputation and his role with the Rangers. Photo Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports