3 Chicago Blackhawks Captain Candidates

At the time of this writing, there are eight teams currently without captains for the 2023-24 season. As a result of this, over the next few days, we here at NHLTR will be starting a mini-series going over three captain candidates for each of these clubs. 

In this latest edition of the series, let's focus on the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Seth Jones: Seth Jones stands out as a possible captain candidate. He is the team's top defenseman, and he is also under contract for several more years. He's somebody who the Blackhawks will build around in their rebuild, so he surely could rock the C soon. 

Nick Foligno: If the Blackhawks want a short-term captain during the rebuild, Nick Foligno is a prime candidate. He rocked the C while with the Columbus Blue Jackets and is well-known for his excellent leadership.  

Connor Bedard: If the Blackhawks want to go truly outside the box, they could even consider Connor Bedard for the role this season. We have seen teams in recent memory give the C to players in their teens, most notably Connor McDavid. However, Bedard will be a bigger candidate for captaincy if the Blackhawks decide to name a captain after the 2023-24 season.

photo credit: © Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports