5 Pittsburgh Penguins Who Will Not Be Traded This Season

The Pittsburgh Penguins are now Kyle Dubas' team and get set for an entertaining season. Dubas has already shown he's willing and able to make a splash or two this summer and there's certainly going to be many more throughout his tenure with the Pens. 

However, for today's piece, we switch gears a little and zone in on five Penguins who will not be traded this season. Age, contract, performance, all play a small part in why these players have made the list. Pittsburgh won't be trading the following players this season:

Sidney Crosby

The fact we even had to spell it out is tough, but yes Crosby isn't going anywhere and will be retiring as a Penguin. Sid is 36 years old, he has two seasons left on his contract and when he retires, he'll be one of the most underpaid players in the history of the NHL. 

Kris Letang & Evgeni Malkin

A two-for-one here, like Crosby, Dubas isn't moving any of the Penguins legends, this season or ever. All three will be retiring in Pittsburgh and rightfully so. It doesn't happen very often anymore in sports where three legends can ride out a career together and that's the plan for these Pens.

Erik Karlsson

Considering Dubas' just acquired Karlsson, he's a lock here. After a massive Norris-trophy winning 100-point season, Karlsson could be a massive x-factor in Pittsburgh this season. His ability to move the puck and join the rush, along with his power-play weaponry, another 100-point season could be coming.

Noel Accairi

Accairi makes the top five because Dubas is his #1 fan. When he was the GM of the Leafs, he tried to acquire Accairi on four different occasions. Dubas finally landed 'Cookie' last season in Toronto, and brought him with him to Pittsburgh. Accairi signed a three-year deal and was even given a modified no-trade clause. How many other fourth-line centers have this type of job security?

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports