Insider Drops Word On The "Problem" With Devon Toews Talks With Avalanche

Impending UFA Devon Toews and the Colorado Avalanche are still in talks on a new contract, but according to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman it's not the salary number that's the holdup. He reported on his 32 Thoughts podcast on Friday that the real problematic number for the Avs is the veteran defenseman's age

I was talking to a... non-Colorado agent. And they really believe that the number here that is the problem in this negotiation is 30. And that is what Toews will turn in February.  

They're in the middle of this, trying to see if they can get something done. (But) an organization like the Avalanche... don't wanna go long-term. And this is the industry thought around the NHL. The Avalanche don't want to go more than five years if they can avoid it. 

And while it's true that Toews will be hitting the wrong side of 30 before the season is out, he doesn't have a ton of mileage on him, as he only has five years' service in the NHL, and 199 games.  

Friedman does go on to note that if Toews was willing to take a 3 to 5-year deal, it would have to be "a really, really big number... Because the lower the term, the higher the AAV. And that's going to be really hard for Colorado to get there. 

"And that's what people believe the issue is here. They're not convinced, because Toews is going to be 30, that Colorado wants to do max term."

Toews has certainly indicated that he wants to stay in Denver, but he also isn't inclined to keep the negotiations going once the season begins. 

The two-time top-5 Norris Trophy finisher had his second straight 50-point season last year, with a plus-39, giving him a stunning three-year plus/minus in Colorado of +120, best among all NHL players. 

This will be a very intriguing story to follow as we head towards Opening Night.

Photo: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports