Mike Babcock Finished With Columbus Blue Jackets

The Mike Babcock era with the Columbus Blue Jackets is over before he even coached a game, as he has resigned. In response to this move, the Blue Jackets have hired assistant coach Pascal Vincent as their new head coach and have inked him to a two-year extension.

This comes after former NHL player and current Spittin' Chiclets host Paul Bissonette reported that Babcock asked to view phones and photographs of multiple Blue Jackets players. This led to an investigation by the NHLPA, and the results "left no path for Babcock to continue as coach," per NHL insider Frank Seravalli. 

This is a truly disastrous way for the Blue Jackets to start their season, but alas, they will now need to move forward with Vincent behind the bench. It will be interesting to see what other information comes out about this Babcock debacle. Stay tuned here to find out if it does. 

photo credit: © The Columbus Dispatch-USA TODAY NETWORK