Do the Capitals Sell Or Stay "Competitive?"

The Washington Capitals' organization made it clear that they would try to win as long as Alex Ovechkin was on the team and chasing the goals record. Well it is looking like the second season in a row where things are not going to go well for the team, even if they pick up for the Great 8.

Despite trying to be competitive, being at the cap, adding pieces before the season, and holding onto the veteran core, the Capitals were sunk by injuries all season long in 2022-23. Some of the adds panned out and are still around, but they finished bottom-10 in the league and missed the playoffs for the first time in a long time last season.

The team even sold the UFAs on their roster and signed everybody else, hoping to come back strong this season. Well, it has been a disaster so far. Ovechkin didn't record a shot in two of the four games and is goalless this season. The Capitals in general have scored just six goals in four games and desperately need help. Unfortunately they don't have anyone that can be immediately moved, especially not at this point in the season. Max Pacioretty, their big offseason signing, isn't close to returning either to add goal support.

It is looking like the Capitals are heading towards another trade deadline where they're sellers, but this time without easy pieces to move. Everybody wants Ovechkin to become the all time goals leader in NHL history, but that just isn't seeming possible with this Capitals roster. There's the option of trading him to a better team where he might be able to still reach it because the Capitals are just getting older and slower. They desperately need a rebuild and there's no room to improve unless the aging and declining veterans turn it around.

Photo credit: © David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports