"Pretty Alarming": Insider on Timo Meier Situation In New Jersey

The New Jersey Devils signed Timo Meier to an eight-year, $70.4M contract extension this summer, but safe to say that massive deal hasn't gotten off to a great start. 

Meier, going into his first full year with the Devils, was actually benched in the 3rd period of a game last week, and the 40-goal man has yet to put one between the pipes through the team's first four games. In fact, he's only taken seven shots total across those four contests. And this guy is a 'shooter'.

Despite Meier's history as a No. 1 option while with the San Jose Sharks, NHL Insider Frank Seravalli says the Devils should be concerned, even at this early stage.

There should be a legitimate level of concern for Timo Meier... And I'm not talking about 3 or 4 games. I'm going back to his arrival in New Jersey (at last year's trade deadline), and then signing a $70M contract, it's pretty alarming to me at least that he hasn't looked comfortable for one minute.

Seravalli's partner on the DFO Rundown podcast, Jason Gregor, agreed:

"He hasn't fit in, for whatever reason, in New Jersey... If he keeps struggling, well, they can't trade the guy, they've got a lot of money invested in him. And he is a good player. He's not old enough— just 27—that he's just fallen off a cliff... They've gotta figure out what's going on with Timo Meier. 

"Devils fans must be wondering, 'what are you talking about, this guy sucks!' (But)... I'm telling you... He's a really good player."

Meier has to learn how to fit in on a team where he's no longer the No. 1 option. He's not on the top power play unit anymore, and he's not his team's best forward, like he was in San Jose. 

But with an $8.8M AAV for eight years, he'll need to figure things out, quick. 

Photo: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports