Sordid Lucic Details Emerge, To Be Arraigned In Court Monday

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic, currently on an indefinite leave from the team, will be arraigned in court in Boston Monday morning, facing charges of assault and battery on a family member.

According to Tiffany Chan of WBZ, details have emerged revealing the content of a 911 call his wife made Friday night. 

His wife said that he "attacked" and "choked her." Police found Lucic drunk when they arrived, according to sources. 

Lucic has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Bruins after his arrest on Friday night. Lucic returned to Boston this year after eight seasons. 

Making the rounds on social media on Sunday was an old clip from former Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who used some expletives to give his thoughts about Lucic the person after a 2011 incident in which the 6'3", 240-pound Bruins forward ran Miller so hard, he left the goalie with a concussion. 

"I just want to say what a piece of sh*t Lucic is... Gutless. Piece of sh*t," said Miller at the time. 

Lucic was investigated back in 2011 as well for a domestic incident with his wife, though no charges were laid in that case.