Big Move for Philip Broberg & Oilers on Thursday

After a few days of speculation about the future of Philip Broberg in Edmonton, and a spat between his agent and Oilers GM Ken Holland, Edmonton has responded with a move on Thursday — sending the beleaguered blueliner to the AHL. 

If the Oilers are truly trying to find trade market interest in Broberg, this is a bizarre way to go about it. And yet, the move is not too shocking. 

Broberg, the 8th overall pick by the Oilers in the 2019 NHL Draft, began the season as a viable member of the team's defense, logging 16 minutes on Opening Night. But his performance, and the team's confidence in him, have plummeted since then, as he's already been sent down to the AHL once before, and he was a healthy scratch for the past four consecutive Oilers games, and six of the past eight, before being sent back down to Bakersfield today. 

The 22-year-old had zero points in 10 games with Edmonton this season, most of those affairs acting as the 7th defenseman, and averaging just 10 minutes per night.

On Tuesday, Holland disputed the report from Broberg's agent that they were given permission to find a trade. 

The move down to Bakersfield is a big one for the young D-man as at least he'll have a chance to play and try to restore his value there. He notched two points in four games at the AHL earlier this season.

The Oilers have called up Ben Gleason to replace him on the roster.

Photo: Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports