Bruins & Flames Could Provide In-Season Blockbuster Trade

The Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames continue to be linked to a massive trade involving both Flames forward Elias Lindholm and defenseman Noah Hanifin. 

Recently Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now was on the Jeff Marek show and commented on the chances of a deal happening between the two clubs:

Well, I’ll tell you, Jeff. Obviously, they don’t have a first-round pick coming up there. I think the following year, they don’t have a second. They really kind of cleaned out the cupboard down below in terms of prospects and draft picks because every year they’re going for it, right? So it’s hard to kind of maintain that in the lower levels. It’s hard to maintain that balance and so go for it every year. So I’m thinking you know, if you look at it, you’re gonna have to get creative and it’s gonna have to be bodies on the roster right now for the Boston Bruins and, you know, I kind of look at a Matt Grzelcyk or Jakob DeBrusk. Could they be kind of dangled in any trade talks for a Hanifin or Lindholm, both pending UFAs?

Several of hockey's best insiders have connected Hanifin to the Bruins in the past and considering their depth at centre, Lindholm makes perfect sense as a trade target. Both Flames are pending unrestricted free agents who have recently called off contract extension talks in Calgary.

The Bruins will need to pony up if they want both Lindholm and Hanifin and any deal will be a blockbuster considering the players, picks and prospects who will be included.

Photo credit:  Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports