Devon Toews Doubles-Down On Calling Out Teammates

“It’s tough to play in this league when you don’t know where your teammates are gonna be.” 

"You have to show up." 

“I think we got some guys that think they’re playing well, and I think they’re kidding themselves at this point."

All comments from Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews calling out his teammates after their 3-2 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks Tuesday night. 

Now he's doubling down, as they get set for their next game, Thursday night against the Ottawa Senators.

It’s our structure. We’re a little bit off in our structure. There’s a difference between knowing and doing. I think we’re trying to find that balance of making sure we know, and then also putting that plan to action as well. I think that’s kind of the disconnect is understanding if guys do know, or if they’re still trying to figure it out. Or if they know, and they’re just not doing so.

But then Toews tried to soften the blow a bit, by insisting that it's an open room, and "everybody has a say and everybody has a voice." 

“We’re addressing everything in here. We’re an open book in here,” Toews added. “We care about each other, we’re a family, and we’re just trying to get better and put our best product forward. It’s pretty obvious we haven’t done that this year."

Coach David Bednar can understand Toews's frustrations, too. 

“I think that was a little frustration on Devon’s part, but he’s not wrong,” Bednar said. “We have to commit to the detail of our system, what’s required from the work ethic, competitive standpoint within that system. Some of our decision-making is not where it needs to be." 

The six-year veteran, Toews is logging another 24 minutes a night this season, and has a Stanley Cup under his belt (after playing 26 minutes a game during that Cup run in 2022 and notching 15 points in 20 games). He's earned that voice. 

Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports