Dylan Larkin Opens Up: “Doesn’t Remember” The Hit(s) That Knocked Him Out

Dylan Larkin is back with the Detroit Red Wings this week after his scary neck injury 10 days ago that left him unconscious. He's now speaking about the incident for the first time, calls the whole thing "scary", and says he actually doesn't remember the hit(s). 

“Watching it back, replaying it in your head, it’s pretty scary. … There’s a lot of emotions there that you kind of replay and you live with and you have to see that.”

Larkin also commented on the recent rash of headshots and the need for better player safety around the league.

“I think if you look, the last week in the league has been pretty eye-opening. It’s been kind of a trend I guess — this last week has been a highlight for player safety. As a player, I’m obviously closely attached because I just went through something but I’ve talked to guys on our team, guys from other teams, and it’s hard to feel safe out there. It’s hard to know how to protect yourself.”

The play happened on Dec. 9th, with Larkin in front of the Ottawa Senators' net. He was crunched in the head, almost simultaneously by two Senators players, and was knocked to the ice, unconscious.

He again reiterated that he's not sure how he could have protected himself here.

“This instance, watching it back, I wasn’t really doing anything. I just was kind of trying to make a play on the puck, and just standing there really. … How do you protect yourself? Who’s protecting you? There’s a lot of (unanswered questions) in our sport right now.”

The top line center is having another point-a-game season with the Wings, with 11 goals and 26 points in 25 games. 

photo: Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports