Sabres Rumors: Latest On Buffalo's Trade Plans

The Buffalo Sabres were one of the main teams in the Patrick Kane sweepstakes, but they missed out when he signed with the Detroit Red Wings. According to NHL insider Darren Dreger, the Sabres are still actively looking to add another forward to their group.
Now that we are in December, we are starting to see more names around the league come up in the rumor mill. Because of this, it seems that the Sabres' potential options for forwards are increasing, and this should only become even truer as the campaign rolls on.

When looking at the Sabres' current lineup, it is clear that they could use another top-six forward, especially when remembering that they are in a very competitive Atlantic Division. 

We will now need to keep an eye on the Sabres in the trade market from here. It is clear that they are looking to improve their forward group, and we are already starting to see some trades go down around the league. 

photo credit: © Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports