Oilers Not Expected To Trade Campbell Before 2024 Deadline

In the summer of 2022, the Edmonton Oilers made one of their worst signings by bringing in "starter" Jack Campbell at $5 million AAV for five years. That lasted less than a season and a half as he struggled mightily last season and was sent to the AHL this season.

There has been a lot of talk about whether the Oilers can and will move Campbell before the trade deadline. It seems we have an answer. Pierre LeBrun talked with Ken Holland, general manager of the Oilers, and discussed the turnaround and what comes next. A quote to note was "I don't see any likely scenario in which Edmonton moves Campbell before the trade deadline. It would probably cost two first-round picks to get a team to eat a deal that has three more years at $5 million. That's going to have to wait until the summer, whether a buyout or not."

The cap is going up, so some of that rise will cover what it will cost the Oilers each season against the cap. If Campbell is bought out, the team saves $3.9 million AAV, $2.7 million AAV, and then $2.4 million AAV before being hit with a $1.5 million AAV for the following three seasons. That is much better than having to carry a $5 million player on the roster or in the minors.

It is true that the Oilers need some support for Stuart Skinner and Calvin Pickard has done a solid job for them to this point, but that isn't a tandem a contender like this should go into playoffs with. The Oilers might have to settle for a cheap backup this season, if he's an upgrade over Pickard. Using two first round picks would hurt the Oilers as a contender needs their first to add key rentals or players with a little bit of term before the deadline each season.

Photo credit: © Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports