Flyers Rumors: KHL Team Reportedly Showing Interest In Carter Hart

Rumors have swirled recently regarding the future of Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart, with speculation suggesting that KHL team AK Bars Kazan has expressed interest in signing him.

Reports initially emerged from a Russian television report, prompting discussions within the hockey community. However, reputable sources such as Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman swiftly debunked these claims, casting doubt on the validity of the speculation.

The alleged interest from AK Bars Kazan comes amidst a tumultuous period for Hart, who, along with several other players, faces legal charges stemming from alleged incidents during their time with Canada’s World Junior hockey team.

These legal proceedings have led Hart and others to take indefinite leaves of absence from their NHL clubs while awaiting trial.

Despite the rumored interest from the KHL, it remains uncertain how Hart's legal situation would impact any potential move, with logistical and legal hurdles likely presenting significant challenges.

Until official announcements are made by the player, his representatives, or relevant teams, the rumors surrounding Hart's potential move to AK Bars Kazan remain unknown and, at this point, seem unlikely. Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports