Evander Kane's Time With Oilers May Be Coming To An End

There are some players who don't last very long on the teams they go to for one reason or another. It's not very common, but it tends to happen with a few entitled players or poor teammates. The Edmonton Oilers appear to have one of those players on their team in Evander Kane.

The veteran wingers' entry onto the Oilers was a great one. He scored at a high rate and played in the top-six because he earned it. But as time has passed and he has struggled this season, things have gotten visibly worse. There have been multiple instances this season that Kane has been involved in and the Oilers' locker room is known as being a tight one, so he has made a negative impact.

Earlier on in the season, Kane was moved down out of the top-six and that is when the chemistry formed very quickly for the players in the top-six without Kane. This rubbed him the wrong way and he made comments on air about it, but didn't earn playing time in the top-six. The majority of hockey players are there to win and contribute however they can, but Kane seemed to care about where he played more.

Since then, he has been in and out of the top-six, but now that he is on the third line, he does have some help in Corey Perry, Ryan McLeod, and Adam Henrique. Not so long ago, Leon Draisaitl was getting into it with Kane on the bench after something happened on the ice. This was Draisaitl addressing something Kane either did or didn't do. Now, after another play on the ice in the win over the Calgary Flames, Perry was seen getting into it with Kane about decisions he made.

It seems as though Kane is the problem on the Oilers despite them winning games, and with two years left on his deal at $5.125 million AAV, he is definitely an offseason trade candidate. It appears as though every player's sole goal is to win the Stanley Cup by any means, but Kane's agenda isn't aligning with that goal. Not other teammates on the Oilers have been seen getting into it with each other once this season. Every incident has involved Kane.

Photo credit: © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports