NHL Rumors: Can The Golden Knights Re-Sign Jonathan Marchessault?

As the Vegas Golden Knights secure defenseman Noah Hanifin with a substantial eight-year deal, attention swiftly turns to the uncertain future of Jonathan Marchessault, the team's prolific goal scorer.

With rumors swirling and speculation mounting, fans and analysts alike ponder whether the 33-year-old winger will secure a new contract amidst his career-best season in goals.

This season, he put up a career-best 42 goals and 27 assists for 69 total points across 81 games played.

Marchessault's consistent performance on the ice has undeniably heightened his market value, prompting discussions about his potential salary demands and the team's ability to accommodate them within their tight salary cap constraints.

Over the past three seasons, Marchessault has amassed an impressive 100 goals and 92 assists for 192 total points across 233 games played.

Hanifin's lucrative extension further complicates the Golden Knights' financial landscape, raising questions about their capacity to retain Marchessault's services while maintaining a competitive roster.

With limited cap space and several key players reaching the end of their contracts, the organization faces a delicate balancing act as they weigh the importance of retaining Marchessault against the necessity of managing their finances effectively.

According to Danny Webster, the Golden Knights have approximately $7.59M in cap space for next season following Hanifin's contract. Photo Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports