Oilers Rumors: McDavid & Draisaitl Asked Perry to 'Help' with Evander Kane

There seems to be some drama surrounding the Edmonton Oilers of late as they look to get themselves prepared for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. More specifically, Evander Kane continues to be a distraction from the team on and off the ice and the Oilers superstars had seen enough.

There's growing speculation that Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl went to Corey Perry and asked for assistance with dealing with his antics and attitude on the ice. Recently there's been several videos surface online with Draisaitl and Kane arguing on the bench, Kane was then made a healthy scratch of late against the Ottawa Senators.

It didn't stop there, Kane and Perry got into it on the bench after Kane refused to cycle the puck down low and turned it over instead on a bonehead play, Perry let him have it on the bench. What's this going to do for team chemistry come playoff time? Some, including Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet feel this could be exactly what the doctor ordered as it's going to fire up Kane to be the ferocious forechecker and ramp up his pain in the ass type of style on the ice. The Oilers are just hopeful he's a pain for opposing teams and not in their own dressing room.

Friedman had this to say recently regarding the situation in Edmonton:

And they are saying, “If we want to win the Stanley Cup this year, we need a great Evander Kane and we are taking the responsibility of making sure he gets there.” Because one thing about [Kevin Bieksa] he said is that Perry doesn’t do that a lot. So my theory, and I got a lot of theories, but my theory is McDavid and Draisaitl have gone to Perry and said, “We need your help with this because you, in addition to us, you also have the gravitas as a veteran player to go to him.

The Oilers have six games left before their Stanley Cup run begins. Oilers Nation is hopeful the drama is settled before puck drop in Game 1, regardless of who needs to calm down who.

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