Canadian Team "Makes The Most Sense" If Steven Stamkos Doesn't Re-Sign analyst Dan Rosen has sparked considerable speculation by pinpointing the Montreal Canadiens as the "most logical suitor" for Steven Stamkos if the star forward opts not to renew his contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Rosen emphasizes Stamkos's close relationship with former teammate Martin St-Louis, who currently serves as the Canadiens' head coach, suggesting that this personal connection could sway Stamkos towards Montreal, especially given their successful history together in Tampa Bay.

Stamkos, despite being 34 years old, remains a formidable player, as evidenced by his impressive performance during the past season with 81 points in 79 games, including 40 goals.

His enduring skill set and veteran presence could prove invaluable assets for the Canadiens, particularly in guiding young players and elevating the team's scoring capabilities.

With Montreal aiming to solidify its position in the league, the prospect of Stamkos joining the roster presents an enticing scenario reminiscent of the impact veteran players like Joe Pavelski have had on teams like the Dallas Stars—providing leadership while still making significant contributions on the ice.

As Stamkos's future with the Lightning remains uncertain amidst reported frustration and impatience earlier in the season, Rosen's analysis adds weight to the possibility of a departure.

Over the past five seasons, the 34-year-old has put up 162 goals and 209 assists for 371 total points across 336 games played. Photo Credit: Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports