Breaking: Huge Matvei Michkov Update For Philadephia Flyers

We heard the rumors a couple of months back, that last year's top Philadelphia Flyers draft pick, Russian forward Matvei Michkov might be on the verge of having his KHL contract terminated two years ahead of time this summer. Now, it sounds like a done deal: Michkov appears set to be coming to Philly for the 2024-25 season.

It was a calculated gamble for Flyers GM Danny Briere to select Michkov with the No. 7 pick in last year's NHL Draft, with the expectation that he would be locked in tSKA St. Petersburg for three seasons. But now it turns out that the Flyers' wait was only one season rather than three for the uber-talented Russian.

Negotiations have been ongoing for the past two months since the word first leaked out about this possibility, and Briere seemed to know something was up this week.

This is a huge bonus for the Flyers, who were surprisingly holding down a playoff spot for most of the season this year until a late collapse. Michkov could put them over the top.  

His elite prospect pedigree is undeniable. “The way he creates plays, executes them and dazzles… there’s very few like him,” a scout said prior to the 2023 NHL Draft, per Daily Faceoff. “The puck just comes to him and he knows what to do with it. He’s a magician masquerading as a hockey player.” 

His points-per-game numbers in the KHL were unprecedented as a draft-eligible player, and he continued that dominance this season, where his 0.87 points per game in 47 games was fifth-best in the league. 

SKA will retain his rights if he were to be loaned back, but that is highly improbable. 

Photo: © Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports