Report: Zadorov’s Future in Vancouver Looks “Bleak”

It's been a rollercoaster of rumors over the future of Nikita Zadorov in Vancouver. Some days, we hear that the Canucks are all-in to work out an extension with the 6'6" d-man before he takes his 250-pounds to the free agent market. But other days, like today, we're hearing that the chances of the Canucks re-signing him are "bleak."

Zadorov's agent, Dan Milstein, posted a comment on Twitter/X himself today, calling a report that traction is being made on an agreement in Vancouver, "Fake News."

As if that wasn't enough, Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal said he's been texting with Milstein every day, and came up with a very disappointing report, claiming there have been no talks for "a while." 

"If the silence continues, it's more than likely Zadorov is gone. Milstein's working hard to get something done, but you need two people to dance. You can't dance by yourself (Billy Idol aside).

"One phone call can change everything, but right now I have to say to you it looks bleak." 

Dhaliwal says that term seems to be the biggest sticking point. We've even heard word that Zadorov's side wants as much as a six-year deal at $6 million AAV for the 29-year-old. That would be a stretch for any team to meet. 

The Canucks insider sums it up finally by saying, "They're far apart."

Photo: © Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports